Tokyo day three: umbrella holders, crickets and sculptures

At night as you walk through Tokyo there are neon pockets of life. Some areas are dimly lit, more traditional, calm on the mind. Then you turn a corner and are hit with neon faux daylight. It’s jarring for a few days to swim in and out of these realities. By day three I was getting a little used to this.


One thing that kept striking me was the sound of crickets at night. I don’t think I heard it the first night, it seemed to just appear in my ears the second and become even more pronounced the third. The little sound once noticed was everywhere.


On the third day I kept seeing umbrella holders. As with any trip as you acclimatise to the place the things that were there all along seem to ‘appear’. It’s of course not like umbrella holders just sprung up on day three. The number of them everywhere did strike me though.  I was also struck by how domed shaped and often transparent the umbrellas were – later I would learn the sheer power of rain made this a sensible choice.


In the lobby of the conference centre was this incredible sculpture. I began to notice on day three how much art there was just around me as I navigated through. This was delightful, just coming across pieces like this. As I interacted with the piece there was this strange, almost alien texture sensation. It resonated with me as everything was still unfamiliar but getting more understandable.


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