Tokyo day six: furoshiki, darjeeling and slow life

On the hunt for Furoshiki (traditional wrapping cloths) that can be used even for bags, I ended up in an area next to Haraijuku. Here the slow life was embraced and it felt comfortable.


On walking into the Furoshiki shop the wall was like an art gallery. Displays showed how to use the cloth.

As we walked through Haraijuku at times I had to check I wasn’t walking through Brighton, there was a familiarity that felt right. Perhaps it was because younger me was squeeing with delight at walking through these streets finally.

Buildings were styled with the attention to detail of movie sets, from a gothic mansion selling jewellery to concept stores. It seemed every molecule once you entered the space of a shop was curated.


In the Apple store I noticed the bag boxes now sat perfectly in stools. The form of these struck me as so pleasing. The space could be create how the people in it wanted. Unlike a chair or a larger piece of furniture it didn’t force a type of interaction or grouping.

In the evening after walking through a quieter part of Tokyo, we found what possibly is the most intensely decorated but delightful Indian restaurant called ‘Darjeeling’. Here the flamboyant artistic performance of the server that served us added to the experience. Our food was to be served first and only after we could experience the tea he promised would be the best. It was a delightful sensory pleasing evening. We were in Tokyo but teleported far from there for a few hours. Once the meal ended we were back out in the familiar now Tokyo streets.


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